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Why Plant-Based

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet is a diet that includes only food derived from plants: fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, and no animal products. No meat, fish, butter, milk, eggs, cheese, gelatin or other animal by-product.

Benefits of a plant-based diet:

By eating plant-based whole foods we allow nutrients to work together to enhance our overall health and well-being.  By depending on food and not individual nutrients, we are able to treat illnesses without the toxic side effects that you may experience with medications frequently used to treat common disease states.

There is research to support this type of diet and the amazing results.  This is not a new or fad diet.  There have been several large, reputable studies that have shown longevity and health for individuals eating primarily plants and avoiding processed foods, meats and dairy. 

Adopting a plant-based lifestyle can help you to:

  • Achieve and maintain ideal body weight
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Decrease cholesterol
  • Prevent and reverse heart disease and diabetes
  • Decrease risk of cancers and autoimmune diseases
  • Decrease food allergies and intolerances, gastrointestinal conditions such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Prevent and reverse renal disease
  • Prevent osteoporosis, osteopenia and osteoarthritis

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