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Terms of Agreement

Last Updated 3/13/2014
Meatless Mentor Terms of Agreement
If you agree, place a check mark in the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use” checkbox on the first page of the Website’s new account registration and check-out process. If you place a check mark in the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use” checkbox without actually reading this agreement, you will nevertheless be legally bound. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, do not place a check mark in the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use” checkbox. If you do not place a check mark in the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use” checkbox you will not be able to proceed with the Website’s registration process, will not become a subscriber of the Website, and will not be granted access to restricted content of the Website.
Access to subscriber-only content of the Website is provided to users of the Website who register as Subscribers and who have an active Subscription. Specifically, in consideration of Subscriber’s completed automated recurring payment to the Provider according to the terms of the subscription plan elected by Subscriber during their new account registration process or a subscription plan subsequently elected by Subscriber from their existing Website account (“Subscription Plan”) Subscriber will be permitted access to that content of the Website restricted to subscribers.
Meatlessmentor.com charges a monthly fee that is automatically charged to the credit card on record.  Upon joining, all members are required to click a check box agreeing to the following statement: "I understand that I will be billed $12.95 on a monthly basis and I can cancel at any time."  Since the monthly fee is automatically withdrawn, Meatlessmentor.com strongly recommends that members use credit cards that are not approaching their credit limit and are not tied to a checking account.  Using such cards can increase the risk of incurring overdraft penalties.  Meatlessmentor.com is not responsible for bank fees or penalties.
By accepting this Agreement, Subscriber authorizes an automatic recurring payment to Provider from the Subscriber’s credit, debit od bank card account (the “Automatic Recurring Payment Method”).
If a payment demand on Subscriber’s Automatic Recurring Payment Method is declined, Subscriber’s Subscription will be suspended and access to Website’s subscriber-only content will be denied. In the event of such a decline, Subscriber gives Provider the authority to make corrections to any information and resubmit the demand. Provider may permanently restrict Subscriber’s ability to use a certain payment method if that payment method fails multiple times.
In the event that payment is not received and Subscriber does not pay the amount due in full, Subscriber’s subscription will be terminated and access to Website’s subscriber-only content will be denied.
Members can cancel their accounts at any time.  There is no minimum commitment.  The cancellation form is found on the My Account page in the member section of this site.  Cancellation will take effect immediately upon submitting the cancellation form.  An email confirming cancellation will be sent to the email address on record.
Subscriber understands that any Automatic Recurring Payment Method authorization shall remain in effect until withdrawn by Subscriber or cancelled by Provider. Refunds are not given for the balance of the current subscription period when subscriptions are cancelled. The Subscription Plan will remain in effect until Subscriber gives notice of cancellation to Provider and Provider has successfully relayed such notice to their payment provider. Please allow Provider up to ten (10) calendar days for processing cancellation notices.
This authorization will stay in effect until your Subscription Plan is paid in full.
Subscribers may perform the following steps to cancel their Subscription:
1.Visit meatlessmentor.com
2.Log-in using Subscriber’s Username and Password
3.Click on “Profile” from the Login sidebar menu
4.Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button in the “ Subscription” box
5.Confirm that the cancellation request was successfully accepted and executed by Provider by reading the resulting message displayed at the top of the “Subscription” box.
Once these steps are completed, Subscriber will be sent written confirmation via e-mail within 24 hours to their email address specified in Subscriber’s Website account. If such confirmation email is not received within this timeframe, please send an e-mail to info@meatlessmentor.com indicating this situation and requesting assistance. The cancellation process must be completed within ten (10) business days of Subscriber’s scheduled Subscription billing date to ensure Subscriber is not charged for the next billing period.
Subscriber will have access to Website’s subscription-only content for the remainder of the currently paid billing period. In the event that the cancellation request is not completed before Subscriber’s next recurring payment is processed, Subscriber’s account will be charged for the following billing period. If Subscriber fails to contact info@meatlessmentor.com regarding any problems Subscriber may experience, Provider cannot be held responsible for charges incurred.
Subscriber may change details of their Automatic Recurring Payment Method, for example, changing the billing address for a credit card, by performing the following steps:
2.Log-in using Subscriber’s Username and Password
3.Click on “Profile” from the sidebar menu
4.Click the “Update or Change Your Credit Card” button in the Subscription area
5.Correct any form errors which are indicated by the Form
6.Continue with steps 5 and 6 until the Form indicates that the changes have been accepted
To access this Agreement in the future through the Website, go to meatlessmentor.com, terms of agreement
This Agreement is not transferable and must be submitted electronically by the person who purchased the Website subscription, to activate their subscription.
LIMITATIONS ON USE – Individual and default member
1.Only one individual may access Website at the same time using the same Username and Password, unless Provider agrees otherwise.
2.The content available through the Website is property of the Provider, property of Provider’s licensors, or the property of Provider’s advertisers or affiliates and is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.
3.Subscriber agrees not to sell, publish, distribute, retransmit or otherwise provide access to the content received through the Website to anyone.
4.Subscriber agrees not to use the Website for any unlawful purpose. Provider reserves the right to terminate or restrict Subscriber’s access to the Website if, in the opinion of the Provider, Subscriber’s use of the Website may violate any laws, infringe upon another person’s rights or violate the terms of this Agreement. Also, Provider may refuse to grant Subscriber a Username that impersonates someone else, is protected by trademark or other proprietary right law, or is vulgar, unsuitable or otherwise offensive at Provider’s sole discretion.
Registration data and other information about Subscriber is subject to Provider’s Privacy Policy. However, any and all data collected through Provider’s website, registration or otherwise shall belong to Provider.
Miscellaneous Provisions: This Agreement is the exclusive and entire agreement between Subscriber and Provider concerning Subscriber’s use of the Website and supersedes any and all prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreements, representations, negotiations or other dealings between Subscriber and Provider regarding Subscriber’s use of the Website. Subscriber agrees that this Agreement, as well as any and all claims arising from this Agreement will be construed, interpreted and governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, USA, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. The sole jurisdiction and venue for any litigation arising out of this Agreement will be an appropriate federal or state court located in Pennsylvania. Disputes arising out of or relating to this License Agreement shall be the federal and state courts sitting in Allegheny County in the State of Pennsylvania, USA.
If any part of this Agreement is found to be void, unenforceable or invalid, it shall not affect the other provisions of this Agreement. Provider’s failure to enforce Subscriber’s strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of Provider’s right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement, nor will it be deemed a waiver of future enforcement of that or any other provision. This Agreement is personal to Subscriber, which means that Subscriber may not assign their rights or obligations, by operation of law or otherwise, under this Agreement to anyone and no third party is a beneficiary of Subscriber’s rights under this Agreement.
This site and its contents are provided on an "AS IS" basis without representations or warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, warranties or conditions of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.  Although we believe the content to be accurate, complete, and current, Meatlessmentor.com does not represent or warrant that the information on this site is accurate, complete, or current. 
In no event shall Meatlessmentor.com be liable for special, indirect, exemplary, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, loss of use, bodily injury, loss of data, or loss of profits, without regard to the form of any action, including, but not limited to, contract, negligence, or other tortious actions, all arising out of or in connection with the use, copying, or display of the contents of this site.
The information contained in this website is intended to provide motivation and inspiration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. For diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition, consult your physician. The Meatless Mentor is not responsible for any specific health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision and is not liable for any damages, physical, psychological, emotional, financial or commercial and assumes that the reader is responsible for his/her own choices and actions. Always seek the advice of a physician before beginning a new diet. The Meatless Mentor and its third party providers disclaim liability or loss in association with the content on this website.
This Agreement is effective unless and until terminated by Meatlessmentor.com.  Meatlessmentor.com may terminate this Agreement at any time without notice to you, and accordingly deny you access to the Site in our sole discretion if you fail to comply with the Agreement.  Upon any termination of this Agreement by Meatlessmentor.com, you must promptly destroy all materials downloaded or otherwise obtained from this Site, as well as all copies of such materials. In addition, by providing material on our Site, Meatlessmentor.com does not in any way promise that the materials will remain available to you. Meatlessmentor.com may terminate all or part of its Site at any time without notice to you.

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