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Every person I have ever met that was interested in a plant-based lifestyle had so many questions on how to get started and what to eat. I have developed easy plant-based meal plans for busy people looking to transform their life with a plant-based diet.

The meal plans are a great option for someone who has already made the commitment to make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle but would like help finding recipes that are dependable and tasty without searching and trying new ones themselves. Deciding what to cook and eat on a plant-based diet can be overwhelming in the beginning. I hope to alleviate all of this stress and that way my clients can focus on eating and getting healthier!

The meal plans include

  • How to get started
  • Weekly meal plans for 3 meals a day (meal plans based on 4-6 people can easily be adjusted for smaller or larger families)
  • Weekly Shopping lists organized in order for store and labeled for each meal
  • Member only access to recipes featured in meal plans
  • Member only access to tips and tricks to assist in your transition
  • Nutritional Information for all recipes (not that you will need this, no calorie counting needed when eating a whole food plant-based) diet

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