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Press Release

Pittsburgh, Oct. 15 -- Doctors continue to warn us that what we eat affects our health. A new resource in the fight to stay healthy was launched this month by Aimee Girod of Mt. Lebanon, PA, registered nurse and certified plant-based nutrition counselor.

The Meatless Mentor service and website, www.meatlessmentor.com, is an effort by Ms. Girod to educate others about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

A plant-based diet is a diet that includes only food derived from plants: fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds and eliminates animal products and animal by-products, fish, butter, milk, eggs, and cheese.

Ms. Girod offers personal coaching, meal plans, shopping lists and resources. “Health is personal and so is my meal planning and counseling.  I want to help people change their plate and achieve better health,” Ms. Girod said.

Her interest in plant-based eating was peaked while reading Joel Furhman’s book “Eat to Live.”

“He made great points which led me to start my own personal investigation. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. There is so much evidence and research to support eating plant-based with amazing results,” Ms. Girod said.

“I was especially interested in the cardiac benefits because my husband’s family has a history of cardiac issues,” she said.

Her husband, Dr. Jack Girod, D.O., is a cardiologist and along with their four young children, the couple began to transition their family from the typical American diet to eating a plant-based diet. Ms. Girod was very encouraged with the results: “My husband was able to stop several of his cholesterol-lowering medications within three months and decrease his LDL, or bad cholesterol, by 30 points. I was also able to stop my blood pressure medication -- and I felt great,” Ms. Girod said.

Constantly asked by friends and family what they were eating, Ms. Girod began sharing her recipes and ideas to help others. She received her certification in plant-based nutrition in 2010 from Cornell University.

According to Ms. Girod, the benefits of eating a plant-based diet and avoiding processed foods are documented in studies such as “The China Study.”

“This is the largest nutritional study that has ever been done on a single population.  This book shares findings related to plant-based lifestyles vs. traditional western diets and their risk of cancer and heart disease. (Read More)

“By depending on food and not individual nutrients, we are able to treat illnesses without the toxic side effects that you may experience with medications frequently used to treat common disease states,” she said.

She believes adopting a plant-based lifestyle can help achieve and maintain ideal body weight, reduce blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, prevent and reverse heart disease and diabetes, decrease risk of cancers and autoimmune diseases among others.

Contact: Aimee Girod, the Meatless Mentor, 412-672-1032.


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