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Aimee's Tips

Use spices instead of oil to give food flavor


Corporate & Educational Seminars

  • Benefits of living a healthier lifestyle through better eating habits
  • How to transition to a plant-based lifestyle
  • Transitioning a family to a plant-based lifestyle
  • What's the hype about plant-based diets?

Hands-on Cooking Classes

  • Group or individual
  • Basics for plant-based staples
  • Kitchen tools for the plant-based diet


  • Get Started on Your Plant-Based Lifestyle Journey
  • What to Eat, Where to Buy, How to Prepare
  • Sample Food Tasting
I am an experienced lecturer and have given hundreds of lectures as a nurse and consultant.  My talking engagements are fun and I use humor to share my own journey and stories to keep the audience engaged.  My background as a nurse helps me to understand the research and information that is available and translate that to groups to help them grasp and become excited about a plant-based lifestyle. As a mother of four, I continue to strive to have a healthier lifestyle for my family.  I will use my coaching to inspire audiences to make positive changes in their lives immediately.
To arrange a keynote speaker, healthy eating seminar, or cooking session with me, contact me directly at: 412-672-0132 or info@meatlessmentor.com.

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