We all get off track sometimes

Its been awhile I know.  You probably thought that I abandoned this blog.

2016 turned turned out to be a challenging year for me, both in my personal life and professional life.  Anytime we face changes in our lives it is easy to get off track of our goals.  Those goals could be related to health, fitness, weight loss, career, hobbies, it really doesn’t matter.  The point is when we are faced with challenges we focus on just getting through the challenge and don’t really have time to work on other things.

I feel it necessary to say I am very fortunate.  Everything turned out fine.  I had to have surgery and had a fairly substantial complication that lasted for about 5 months.  I did some meal prep and freezing before surgery and I am going to share in future blogs what worked and what didn’t and some new recipes.

In the meantime my son was diagnosed with a benign bone tumor and also had to have surgery.  We have both recovered completely and are so thankful.

Next, I decided now that my children are all school age and miss my first love of nursing.  I took a part time position with a local hospice company and am back seeing patients.  This has really been exciting for me.  However, even positive changes create challenges for us.  I have less time to cook (look for many more fast recipes and meal plans) and less time to care for the house, the pets the kids.  I have found that this all takes a lot more organization (I’ll be sharing that stuff too!)

What is the point of me sharing all of this?  We all face challenges and changes in our lives.  We all get “off track” of our goals.  But after the dust has settled, after we have recovered its time to get back in the game and return back to those goals.  Return to our dreams.  Make Shit happen.  Thats my hope this year.  These are my goals for Meatless Mentor.  What are your goals?  How will you be accountable?  How will you stick to it?  How will you make changes?  I would love to hear!