Good Ol’ Plant Based Barbecue Parties

Our family is pretty social.  We love hanging with friends and family for just about any occasion.  When the party is at our house – no problem.  But one of the first things we were faced with when going to other folks’ homes was:  what we are going to eat?  Here are some basic tips that I follow to help you through these situations and reduce your stress so that you can just sit back and enjoy!

What to Bring

I think the easiest thing to do is to bring something you like.  If you offer to bring your favorite dish this will not only make things easier on you, but also make it easier on your host.  I found that most of our friends and family had anxiety over what to feed us.  Which always makes me chuckle, because… are they having nothing but a meat fest?

I usually bring an appetizer and a side dish (well a dish that would be considered a side to most carnivores) and one that the kids will eat.  It’s a great feeling to see my bowl empty on the serving table and the meat dishes still sitting there.  This always seems to be the case, as plant-based food just looks so appealing with the bright colors the fresh herbs…hard to resist!

What to Eat

Now if you know me at all, my first rule is to never stress about eating something that has some hidden ingredient in it.  I don’t go asking all of the guests what is in every dish.  In most cases there are mainly vegan/vegetarian dishes that we can pile high on our plate.  Sure, the salads, fruit, veggies, potatoes, might have a little butter, cheese or mayo, but I am not eating this stuff every day.  My goal is to be as healthy as possible without stressing (because stress is not healthy either).

Be prepared

If you are worried that eating a little mayo or butter might send you back to the dark side, just eat a light meal before you go.  Then you can be a little pickier about what you eat at the party.  You have to find something that will work for you and your family.

Lastly, I let the kids make their own choices – yes, even if that is meat!  Funny thing is, they have been choosing “the meat” less and less over time.  I think they get the science behind what we are doing and are starting to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime!

Just remember to enjoy yourself.  If you choose to be too hard on yourself you will feel like you are missing out.  Life is too short to miss out!   No guilt = No stress

Happy Partying –  Aimee