2016 We are Coming for You!

For many of us, we start off every year with our new year with resolutions (or revolutions as my daughter calls them) and hopes that we can make this year better than the last!


Many of the resolutions we make have to do with our health and weight.  However, statistics show that by March most of us have given up.


I think one of the issues is we set our goals too high.  We try to make too many changes at once. To think that you can go from couch potato and eating fast food to gym junkie and healthy eater overnight is a bit extreme.


We all look for the quick fixes (supplements, challenges, cleanses).  We all want to feel better, we want to be healthier, we want to be the best versions of ourselves.


Then why do we fall into the same pitfalls?  Why can’t we make these changes?


  • First, we need to stop looking for immediate results.  It took many of us months to years to get into the “out of shape” “unhealthy” version of us.  Why do we think that it would come off any faster than we put it on.  Eating mostly plants, fruits and whole grains will do the trick.  Give it time.  You will start to see results both in how you feel and the scale will move.  Steady and stable weight loss.  With a diet that can be maintained for a lifetime (hence why its called a lifestyle).  No fear of eating carbohydrates or how much protein you need just eat whole foods.  Foods that have been grown in the ground.  Stay away from boxed, processed foods and animal products. It is really that simple.
  • Second, we need to stop focusing on the newest trend or fad fix to our health and weight problems.  80% of our current health status is from what we put into our mouths.  This is not just about calories.  Nutrition for our bodies is so much more complicated than this.  Everything  we eat has million of reactions within our body from inflammation to detoxification.  Eating a whole foods plant based diet has all positive effects without the calorie counting.
  • Lastly, I recently read 2 posts on Facebook one from a friend the other a fitness expert advertising her services but both had a similar meaning.  Love yourself, set goals for you.  Set positive goals that are realistic.  If you are a size 16 setting a goal to be in a size 2 might not be realistic in a years time.  Count the days you do the right thing, count the inches lost not the pounds or calories.  Feel good about yourself.  Take baby steps.


My advice to clients is to start with the thing that is easiest to give up or start.  If you are extremely out of shape or overweight start with eliminating meat first.  Then remove eggs. Then remove dairy (everyone seems to have such a hard time with cheese! Understandably it is pretty tasty).


You will start losing weight, feeling better and having more energy!


Make phase 2 to add in more exercise.  Start with walking.  Then move on to strength training.


These steps should be over weeks to months.  Don’t go all gang busters the Monday after the New Year just to fail.


I wish all of you the very best health, happiness and luck in 2016.  I hope that I am able to motivate you and help you be the healthiest version of you.  Whether that is through my recipes, advice or counseling!