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About Aimee

Hi, I am Aimee and I am a plant-based lifestyle nutritional counselor and health coach based in Pittsburgh, offering my expertise for individuals and families looking to transform their diet and lifestyle. Counseling is offered at many different levels depending on the support that you/your family need. I am certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and understand the synergistic or wholistic approach to nutrition and its health effects. I have more than 20 years of experience as a nurse and understand the many complexities that patients and their families are faced with by chronic diseases.

I am passionate about health and fitness.  I am an avid runner and spin instructor at ClubCycle in Mt. Lebanon, PA.  My goal is to help you create and maintain health through a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

I am especially interested in helping families make healthy meal choices.  I am a mother of four small children and have slowly been transitioning our family to a plant-based diet.  I say slowly because it is my belief that children should be educated and taught to make healthy choices on their own.  Just like any change, embracing a plant-based lifestyle may need to be taken in steps, especially with children.  We would have had an all-out revolt at my house if I stopped them from eating meat all at once.  But, by taking our time and educating our children -- just like we ourselves have been educated -- and letting them make healthy choices, they feel empowered and are making choices that they believe in. I feel strongly that this will help them embrace these choices for a lifetime.

I will share tips, recipes and stories that will help you understand and assist you on your path to a healthier you.  

My Story

Plant-based living, for me, started like most things in my life -- by accident.  I wasn’t searching for a cure for a health crisis or ailment.  While reading Joel Furhman’s book "Eat to Live," my curiosity in eating a plant-based lifestyle was piqued.  He made many great points and references that intrigued me.  I then started my own personal investigation.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading!  There is so much evidence and research to support eating plant-based with amazing results.  I was extremely interested in the cardiac benefits as my husband’s family has a severe cardiac history.

After reading several (and buying many) cookbooks, watching the video "Forks over Knives," I was sold and along the way I had sold my husband.  I love to cook, so trying recipes and figuring out what worked for our family took some time, but I thought it was fun and I enjoyed the trials and errors in the kitchen.  I realize that this is not appealing to most.

The results were amazing.  My husband was off several of his cholesterol-lowering medications within three months.  He was able to decrease his LDL ("bad cholesterol") by 30!  I felt fantastic and was able to stop my blood pressure medication (forgot to mention I have high blood pressure!).  

Everywhere we went everyone wanted to know "what do you eat?"  No one can imagine leaving meat and dairy behind.  I find it fascinating that so many people with chronic, acute and life-threatening illnesses are not willing to do something as easy as removing meat and dairy from their diet.  After talking with many friends and family members, it seems that most people find it overwhelming and are not sure where to start.  I am passionate about plant-based eating and want to share our journey and help others to have similar results without the perceived stress. 

All of my recipes have been used personally or by clients.  The recipes are not generated by a computer randomly but are planned and tested by me (I have worked out the kinks!)  Health is personal and so is my meal planning and counseling.  I want to help you change your plate to achieve a healthier you!

I started this website to reach as many people as possible and share my passion for a plant-based lifestyle.  I offer counseling sessions, grocery shopping, meal plans, cooking demonstrations and educational seminars for kids and adults.  I will share tips, recipes and stories that will help you understand and assist you on your path to a healthier you.

As you explore what I have to offer I hope you too will see the benefits and embrace a plant-based lifestyle and change your plate for a healthier you!


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